Review of the X3 Bar by Dr John Jaquish: Is It Good for Building Muscle?

The X3 Bar consists of a specially designed bar, foot plates, and resistance bands. The impressive results from this exercise equipment come from the way these components are used to perform a number of exercises including front squats, the bench press, and even Romanian deadlifts.


In the following review, I will discuss the various strengths and weaknesses of this piece of exercise equipment that uses resistance bands to provide results.


Is the X3 Bar a one-stop-shop for all your exercise needs? No! Nevertheless, it is by far the best option you will find in the resistance band variety of exercise apparatus. Furthermore, you can expect results every bit as good as you will find with any other resistance method.


Size and Appearance


The design of the X3 Bar is simple and sleek. It features a lightweight bar and frame made of sturdy steel alloy. All the resistance bands included in this piece of machinery are what you would expect to find in other traditional resistance bands although they are somewhat thicker than most. Finally, it is fitted with a sturdy ground plate that appears sleek and sturdy without a bulky appearance.


Furthermore, the entire assembly is included in a single box that is not heavy at all. As a matter of fact, the entire thing can be moved around as needed. It is quite portable compared to other exercise devices.


X3 Bar Assembly & Maintenance


I have looked at the manufacturer’s website and have not found any mention of how to maintain this piece of equipment. Nevertheless, I assume the required maintenance will be roughly the same as what you would expect in similar equipment


As far as simplicity and convenient user experience go, this device receives full marks.



The X3 Bar is a great option for people of all ages and fitness levels and can be used safely even by those who have no experience with this type of fitness equipment. Actually, I have found that this machine is much safer to use than many similar products on the market. It is not especially hard on the joints and because of the top-quality latex bands, you will achieve your fitness goals quickly and easily.




The ground plate included has the capacity to support up to 500 lbs.


Total Body Workout Gym perfect for use in the home


Resistance bands provide up to 300 lbs. of resistance


Resistance bands come with a 1-year warranty; Bar and Ground Plate come with a 5-year warranty


Includes a 12-week exercise program


Benefits of the X3 Bar


1. Portability


The X3 bar is designed to be as portable as possible and this works well as a “home gym” piece of fitness equipment. It is small enough to fit in a closet and can be easily carried about and used — it can even be packed and taken with you for travel purposes. This means you can enjoy a full “heavy resistance” workout no matter where you go.


2. Durability


Durability is a big plus. One of the most common issues I see with training systems is that they are not built for heavy-duty use. The X3 Bar is designed for heavy-duty use. You can place all the bands on the device at once and pit your strength against the bar and ground plate with absolute trust that it will stand strong. This means you can do 500 lbs. Deadlift or 300 lbs. bench press with no worries.


The X3 Bar is made of solid steel so you can be sure it will last you a lifetime.

3. Effective Heavy Resistance


Returning to what I mentioned earlier, there are many resistance training devices on the market that are simply too flimsy for a heavy-duty workout. It is clear that they are not designed for the needs of an advanced lifter. But I am proud to say the X3 is designed for heavy duty performance.


The X3 comes with a special selection of top-quality resistance bands that can be added to the machine to increase the resistance applied to your efforts. This means that a beginner or advanced user will find this to be a good challenge.


If you are used to traveling a lot and tired of the typical cardio-based gyms found in most hotel gyms, this is a great option for you.


4. Less Joint Force and Spinal Loading


Another great purpose for the X3 is that it can be used for lighter days when I am not going to be focusing on heavy lifting. This piece of equipment is great for targeting particular muscles without applying too much pressure to the spine.


Drawbacks of the X3


1. Learning Initial Setups


The X3 Bar will present a user with a bit of a learning curve that will take a few tries to figure out. You will have to choose which bands are needed to perform specific exercises as well as how these bands are used on the hooks and ground plate. It is not so different from other similar pieces of equipment, but the arrangement of the hooks does make things a bit more complicated.


Furthermore, I have found that the arrangement does make it harder to keep some hooks in the right place while performing exercises. This is actually something the designer is working on improving.


2. Strength Curves


This is not something that is specific to the X3 and all band training equipment has this tendency. There are some exercises that are not as effective when performed with bands as the resistance they provide is not very strong when placed in certain positions.


For example, when performing the standing bench-press, you will find zero resistance when the bar is raised to the chest.


3. Bar Length


The length of the bar is another consideration as there is a limit to the kind of exercises available. For example, with the bench press, you will find that the bar limits the width of your grip. While you can still get good pec stimulation, it is nowhere near as good as the normal bench press.


On the other hand, the size of the bar does make this option especially convenient for storage and packing — so it is a fair trade-off.


4. Price


This is not a cheap-out option. The X3 Bar is not one of those pieces of fitness equipment that will flake out when you are holding a high-resistance position. On the contrary, this fitness equipment is made of top-quality steel and holds up well even when facing the resistance of up to 500 lbs.


Price is something to consider if you are looking for an especially top-quality piece of fitness equipment and this is what you can expect from the formidable X3 Bar.


Bottom Line


The X3 Bar is a piece of equipment for serious trainers with specific needs for intense resistance and portability. It is a strong and durable option with superior construction and versatility. While it does have some downsides to be aware of it is a great option for building strength and muscle mass, so don’t let a couple of setbacks keep you from this impressive fitness product.